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Summer 2024 Read-Along

The Covenant of Water

by Abraham Verghese

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In addition to our regular programming, this summer Gays Reading will host a read-along of Abraham Verghese’s The Covenant of Water. Host Jason Blitman and author Amy Jo Burns (Mercury) will spend June through August reading Oprah’s July 2023 Book Club pick, engaging with listeners and fellow readers along the way, culminating in a lively discussion about the book.


“I absolutely cannot wait to read The Covenant of Water with Jason and the incredible Gays Reading community this summer” says Amy Jo Burns. “I made a goal this year to read as many 'biggies' (aka intimidatingly long books) as I can, and Abraham Verghese's novel is especially exciting for me since it takes place in Kerala, the state in India where my husband's family is from. There's nothing better than reading a book with a friend--and also getting to discuss it on one of the best literary podcasts around? My favorite kind of party.”

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